Friday, April 27, 2007

I hate politics & religion

As people who know me know, I hate politics. To me politics is like religion and both are the cause, and usually never the end, of all world troubles. While we may think that droughts are caused by a lack of rainfall, it most cases things could be done to assist and prevent death - but rather the powers that be in that country are spending a fortune on firearms and protecting their position. Again politics caused the trouble, not the lack of rain (well off course the lack of rain was an issue but the money spent on firearms could have bought water and helped looked for underground water supplies).

I lost religion when I was about 17 (although it was slightly dissipating before that). It disappeared down the back of the sofa and no matter how hard I looked all I could find was 20p in small coins, a few M&M's and some fluff. I wasn't bothered though. Earlier in my life I quite liked religion and looked upto the priests in our parish. They were all nice lads, good fun and played football with us (I found out when I was about 22 that one of these priests was convicted of child abuse and sent to prison. Dirty fucker Fr.Green. What makes this worse is that the Bishop knew and just moved him to another parish. That, to me, is aiding and abetting a crime and should also be punished but the clergy still have to much fuckin power in this country).

Still as I got older I slowly realised that I didn't need religion as much as it needed us. Did I really need to sit for an hour every Sunday and listen to someone telling me I'm going to hell because I fiddled with myself or had dirty thoughts? Did I fuck. There was sleep to be had and football to play. I worked Saturday evenings and played football on Sunday so I didn't have to go to mass. When I did go it was to help my parents out of the usual "Where's Stephen?" questions from neighbours and relatives. Still I made it be known I wasn't happy. To this day I really don't give a shit about religion.

I remember when I was 19 and just home from the pub having a conversation with me Grandma. She is very religious (my other was also). I have no idea how it started but I remember telling her that I thought religion was a problem and how could they tell us not to kill and then in the past they murdered those that were not of the same religion? Well? She couldn't answer and started arguing more. I made the points about the crusades and what they done. How people in Africa were treated like shite as they were not Catholics. Still, the age old Irish tradition stood firm and nothing was taken in.

See this is the problem. No one really looks at religion for what it is. I was at a confirmation last weekend and people still believe that a white bird will descend on them because the Bishop touches them. Does it? Really? For me, I went to support my niece as she was happy out on the day and my wife was the sponsor. I sat in the church hoping for it to be over fast so I could see the Donegal match. It is so old fashioned, the whole thing, and that is the trouble I have. We are told we all came from Adam and Eve and therefore we are all related, but we are told in the bible not to sleep with relations. We are told not to worship in certain ways and means and not to worship idols yet we have to go to a specific, costly place, each week and look at pricey statues or we will burn.

Maybe what doesn't bother me is that if there is a hell, I know I'm going. At this stage its just which part and how deep down that is being decided. Then again, maybe I will never murder anyone, treat my friends and relatives in a nice manner, live my life well and when I die.....come back as a snake or tiger. Who knows.

See this is the thing between politics and religion. Who the fuck knows what is going on and what is going to happen. Vote for Fine Fail. Why? Because you are less of a thieving shower of cunts compared to the other parties? Maybe they are less than you. Maybe greens are the way to go but what about Sinn Fein? What exactly will you do for me? Will you do it without authorising another payrise for yourselves? Wankers. That what gets me. And then I'm told that if I don't like the way the country is run to vote for someone else. Well, who exactly? They are all the same thieving, lying, conniving shower of bastards (and bastardettes) that I really couldn't give a shit.

Like religion, do we really know what happens in the big house? Does the Pope lie around with the biggest porn collection in the world enjoying himself? Does Bertie lie around drinking free beer, eating free food and stashing wads of cash down the arse of his pants? Do we really know? What exactly are the reasons for each party to exist? What are the reasons for religion to exist.

I'll end my rant by saying that I understand that people need religion. They need something to believe in and that's fine - but don't force it on me. Similarly, people have a chosen political party and stick by that but again, don't force it on me.

Lastly something to think about.

How many wars have been started in the name or religion or for political gain?
How many have been ended by religion or political gain without bloodshed?

Fuck all.

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