Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Am I now Marlon Brando?

Last Saturday, as you will recall if you have been awake during this blog, I was godfather to my new nephew Liam down in Dingle. Christenings are weird things really. I mean, how many people stand up there and actually believe what they are saying. They are saying they will help raise the child and also help raise it in a christian fashion.
Now helping raise the child is one thing but I didnt agree to the holy part at all as I dont really believe in any of it. For each part of the ceremony I mumbled and let the godmother and parents cover me. I have no interest in that. Now, I will take the child to Anfield and loan Liverpool DVD's but taking it to church? No chance.
I just wonder how many godparents do their part. I have seen my godfather about 5 times in my life. I never received a card for any birthday or xmas or any occassion. When he was home I never got anything from him so shows the interest he had in my life. My godmother only lived about 6 miles away so she was very much a part of my life.
Still, little Liam will be raised in the best ways of Shankly, Paisley et al...even if his Everton father doesnt like it.

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