Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Election '07 Update 29 May

So, the Election is all over and everyone seems happy.

Twenty is over the moon at the result.

Damien is also delighted with the result.

And me? Well, to be honest I didnt vote. See I am registered to vote at home in Donegal and have never, ever changed it. And as it was on a Thursday I couldnt get home for it and wouldnt have anyways seeing as it was the day after the Champions League Final.

I looked at the election as follows:

- Is there any of the other fuckers that I would trust (maybe that's too strong a word) more than what is in office at present??

The answer was no. Not at all. They are all a self serving shower of fuckers who really dont give an arse about Joe Bloggs. So I decided not to vote. I personally dont think any of them would make this place any better than what we have.

And I suppose my final point is that if I had changed my vote to Cork I wouldnt have voted anyways. Not one of the fuckers came to my house to try and get me to vote for them. Not one. None had a decent local agenda which is important in my eyes.

Sure, tis all over for another year. Roll on Election '08 !

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