Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Election '07 Update 16 May - Sinn Fein.

Following on from yesterday's post here are the items Sinn Fein are covering locally in Cobh.

Healthcare: Offering free healthcare to call citizens. That would be nice. Also an ambulance station located in Cobh.

Schools: Proper planning and funding for schools. Badly needed as our schools really need looking after.

Garda: Accountable and resources 24 hour presence in rural and urban areas. That would be great if we have enough cops AND they are distributed properly. And not corrupt.

Cork Harbour: Develop Cork harbour. Again, this is badly needed. Personally, Id love a water taxi from Cobh-City like they have in other cities. Or even an hourly ferry from Cobh into the City. All we would have to do is develop a few little marinas up the water with proper shelters. No cars on it mind. It could go the whole way into the docks.

Landslides: Funding and action to prevent landslides. I'd love to know where these take place and from my limited knowledge isn't this because we remove too many trees at once from an area. So, action: stop cutting trees in potential landslide areas. Problem solved.

Peace: Peace strategy to deliver on an Ireland of equals. Back to the old unite Ireland stuff (which I would like to see once we get rid of some folk)

A few nice things there to consider but overall (as with Labour) there is very little commitment in the document. It is more about what they would like to see rather than stating they WILL get it if they are elected.

It is better than Labour's but that aint saying much to be honest.

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