Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Steve's Election '07 Review - General Comments

As you maybe aware, I really don't like politics or politicians for that matter. However, I am waiting for them to call around to the house to see what they have to say. There are a few things that I would like to address and a few questions that I would like to ask them because, to be honest, what I have heard interests me little.

The removal of stamp duty while being a good idea does fuck all for me at present as I already own a house. With the prices the way they are, I cannot afford to but a bigger one even if I sell my current house. I just couldn't afford the mortgage. But they are doing little for that. Maybe regulate the house market a bit? Why is a three bed house worth circa €180k in 05 but over €300k in 07 with no improvements in schools, infrastructure or amenities near it? What has made that house gone up in price? Fuck all...more control please.

Other than that, the present election items seem to centre around who has the least dirt and who can royally fuck up the others the most. Last man/woman/4-legged beast standing wins.

Just to let you know, I live in Rushbrooke near Cobh town. The roads are shit and other than a bridge and ferry there is no way off the Island. The town really does little for itself and seems hell bent on imploding. Roads are crap and to many empty buildings.

So what I will do is note who calls to the house and what they have to say about my items. I will let you know who calls and their responses. Here is what I will ask:

1) What you are going to do for broadband/connectivity around the area? It took over 3 years to get Rushbrooke exchange enabled and where my house is I can only receive 1 from 7 wireless providers?

2) What you are going to do with the roads and infrastructure? There are a few hundred new houses open in the last 4 years yet the road is bad and access is dangerous. No new pedestrian paths, cycle paths or wider roads have been built and yet traffic, especially lorries and construction vehicles, has increased so more risk. More houses are planned yet no sign of helping with the growing traffic problems on the Island.

3) What you are going to do with public transport. In the 3 years on the island the Cobh-Cork train's timetable has not increased even with the growing number of people living there. I'm not even aware if the bus is running at all as I never see it and if it does it is very infrequent. Why are the prices always rising for a service that is plainly not? Surely this would have been thought about when the planning went through.

4) What are you going to do about the current house market? Any plans to help out more with both current owners and those trying to buy? Anything to help with the rise and rise and rise of interest rates?

5) What you are going to do about the job market? There have been so many jobs lost in Cork over the last few years yet little to replace them? Is Cork dying?

6) What can be done about unions? Why do we all have to suffer because one person decides to down tools? What happens those who call unofficial strikes and they should have not have been called? Is there accountability here? What can be done to prevent this happening again?

7) What can you do about the Civil Service? Delays are all too frequent in those departments. We all know people who work there (and I use work very loosely). There have been stories of people leaving as a snail like pace is adopted but this affects the general public? If someone messes up in the civil service why are they not fired? Why are they just moved?

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Gerry said...

If you really want improvements in government, it's much better, and much less stressful to just shoot the fuckers in the kneecaps as they call to the door. They'll get the message