Monday, May 21, 2007

Election '07 Update 21 May - Fine Gael.

There was another flyer through the door at the weekend this one from Fine Gael. This one is from David Stanton.

I have to say I am very disappointed in it. It covers nothing local at all and is basically the general stuff that they are spouting off about in the press and through all other media's. At least the Labour and Sinn Fein one's talk about local issues.

The one thing of interest on it was:
"Your money spent well, by sacking incompetent ministers".

Do they really expect us to believe that they will deem one of their own incompetent and fire them? Really? I think they are talking through their arse to be honest. Now, if they were to say that they will look at the Civil Service and sack people who are incompetent in there then that would be a different story.

Overall, it doesn't really inspire me at all and after the Enda and Bertie debate Fine Gael are going way down in my reckoning.

My questions if I get to ask them.

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laurene said...

Did they actually write "Your money spent well, by sacking incompetent ministers" on their flyers? Waoo!!