Monday, May 14, 2007

Broadband? What's that?

You may remember me saying a few weeks ago that we would be getting broadband at home very soon. Well that dream didnt last long.

I checked on Eircom's website today and it states that my line is not suitable for broadband. Lovely. Even though the rep that called said they tested this and it was.

We also got a letter telling us that the Universal Account Number we gave was incorrect (ED Note: The rep took down details directly from a bill AND also took the bill header with said details on it. As Damien noted on a previous blog, its always the customer's fault). I did advise the rep that we had instigated the move from Talk-Talk to Perlico a few days previous and she advised that they would sort that out. They didnt. A now Eircom said we have to wait to get the UAN from Perlico, call them and then wait another 25 days from then. This is AFTER already waiting 21 days to hear this!

Customer service? My arse.

I sent them a letter asking them to cancel the order (I will spare ye it). Truly we are lucky to have such incompetent fuckers as our national phone service.

Oh, and one other thing. They can't even get my name right. They had a copy of the bill, my name printed by both myself and the rep and they have my signature and they still had S. Boyne on the letter.

Sweet Jesus how do they stay in business.

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