Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reply from Dept. of Transport

As noted below I sent an email to the Department of Transport to see if they could assist in my Irish Rail enquiry. Here is their reponse:

Dear Mr.Fucker,
please advise why you even bothered to send this email to us. Obviously you have no chance of getting this issue resolved. What Irish Rail will do is sit on the issue long enough for you to forget.

If you have not forgotten about this please do so immediately. You will never get this resolved.

We look forward to you using our excellent service again and also dealing with our ever so friendly staff.

Please do not ever contact us again you stupid fuck.

Fuck off,
Dept. of Transport

Well, thats what it seemed like. Here is the actual email:

Dear Mr Boyce,
As this is a day-to-day operational matter for Iarnrod Eireann it not one inwhich the Minister has any function.

You should contact Mr. Richard Fearn, CEO of Iarnrod Eireann, Connolly Station, Dublin 1, or ring the contact numbers as follows:
The contact numbers for Cork Kent Station are:
Phone Number: 021-4506766 or 1850 366222
Fax Number: 021-4505211

Other contact numbers: Customer Services (Comments, Suggestions, Complaints):
InterCity services 01-7032613
DART and Dublin Suburban services 01-7033592

Communications and Information Division

I have X'd out the lads name that responded as its not his fault that we have the crappest public transport system ever, with the rudest staff getting paid extoronate wages for feck all. So I went back onto the Irish Rail website and sent another comment:

on Dec 18th I completed this form to register an issue I had with a conductor on the Cork-Cobh line. Other than an automated response I have had no other contact from Irish Rail.

I find this level of customer service to be quite appalling and I would appreciate a follow up as soon as possible.

It is now 22 days since I sent my comment of which there have been 13 normal working days.

I look forward to a response,


Lets see what happens there...Minister for Transport here I come !

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