Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 17 - Irish Rail - Complete

Day seventeen of waiting for an answer from Irish Rail is over...linky

Day seventeen finds us awaiting anxiously for an answer from Irish Rail. I'd say its fair to say at this stage that an answer will not be forthcoming. So, here is what I propose...

If no answer by Day 20 I will contact the Irish Rail manager (if I can find who they are)
If no answer by Day 25 I will email the transport watchdog in Ireland (if we have one)
If no answer by Day 30 I will email the Minister for Transport (I know who he is).

Thanks for those who sent comments on this.

Just one that I would like to mention is on my mentioning of the fare increases. I would just like to point out that while 2.75% is indeed within the inflation in this country what I dont like is that in the 5 years since I first got the train to Cork (from Dublin) fares have risen from about €48 to about €60 now...a 25% increase in 5 years.

That is a big rise to me and personally I cant see the reason for it. They are already very expensive if you consider how far €48 would take you in Europe.

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