Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Irish Rail - Escalation 1

So, I am slightly miffed at Irish Rails total lack of customer service and decided to escalate to someone else so lets see what that does. Email sent is below.

But first one of the girls at work sent an email yesterday about them which just sums them right up. Recently they installed a ticket machine at the Little Island station which is just outside Cork. If you are on the train now (the Cork-Cobh train) and dont have a ticket and you got on at that station they are fining people. Yup, fining. No mention that maybe you had to leg it and just made the train. Nope...they are right, you are wrong. Tough shit. Typical. Why not do something else like you have to pay more if you buy a ticket on the train and cheaper tickets if you use the machine. No.....lets fuck more people over because we are gobshites.

Heres the email I sent to info@transport.ie:

To whom it concerns,
in December 2006 I had the displeasure of witnessing, and to a point being involved in, an incident with an Irish Rail employee that has somewhat lessened my regard to that company. I noticed on the Citizens Information website that should you have an issue with Irish Rail that you should raise it with the station manager but in this instance I was unable.

The following day I followed the instructions and sent my complaint to Irish Rail via their on-line service. I am still awaiting a response from them. This was sent on Monday Dec 18th and so far I have only received an automated response and no one has been in touch to follow up.

I am less than satisfied, and to be honest I am extremely annoyed, with their non response to my issue. Below is the issue as detailed in the contact with Irish Rail:

email sent was inserted here

I would appreciate it if you could assist in this matter as this is a truly unacceptable manner to be treated by a state employee and a state company. How waiting this long for contact can be called customer service is beyond me.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Regards, Stephen Boyce.

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