Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Brother....bag o'shite

I have been listening to all this rubbish over the last few days about Big Brother which is on in the UK at present. I have to say I cant and never could stand reality shows. I personally think they are a complete bag of shite and are an easy way out for TV producers. All they have to do is think of a concept ("Hey, why don't we throw a load of celeb's in the jungle, give them horrible things to eat and do each day and let people watch them") and let the alleged celebrities 'entertain' the hordes. Most of the celeb specials start out with some proper celeb's (well, depends on your definition of celebrity) and for the second show they have Z list celeb's or people who are famous for having a famous parent or partner.

For the current BB there is massive uproar at the moment as there is alleged bullying and racism in the house. You cant escape this as it is in every newspaper, on TV all the time and on every radio station. A Bollywood actress is the subject of this abuse from some other house members who are Jade "The Mouth" Goody, Jo from 'Pop group' S Club 7 and Danielle Lloyd who is known for getting her tits out and shagging a footballer. Who fuckin cares ! Stop the show altogether, never have another and there will be no more issues....excellent idea ! Stop all reality shows - even better idea.

There was a survey done on a radio station asking for the most hated BB contestants of all time in the UK and here are the top 5.

5. John McCririck
Velvet-voiced horsey predictor on Channel 4. Apparently he was very sexist and chauvinist which was great as famous feminist Germaine Greer was also in the house.

4. Jodie Marsh
Velvet-voiced large breasted yoke who is only famous for having knockers the size of big Ben and for doing other "celeb's". She famously wore a t-shirt on which it rated some of the blokes she slept with including Cian from Westlife and other knob Fran Cosgrave. To me it screams of "I'm a whore, sleep me out of here".

3. Danielle Lloyd
Velvet-voiced glamour model who was stripped (appropriately) of her Miss Great Britain title when she posed nude in a top-shelf mag. Currently she is shagging footballer Teddy Sheringham who is about 120 years older than her.

2. George Galloway
Velvet-voiced politician noted for his confrontational style. He was expelled from the Labour party and also met Saddam Hussein. Don't know much else other than he is Celtic fan.

1. Jade Goody
Most definitely not velvet-voiced and one of the most irritating people I have ever had the misfortune to see. My eyes burn at the very sight of her and when she speaks you wish at those times you had enough wax in your ears to drown out her drivel. Famous for coming second in BB, and for getting her tits out on the show, how people like this become celeb's these days is beyond me and shows how easily led people are. Get her the fuck of my screen. If there is any benefit of her being on this current BB is that people now dislike her and after being dropped as the patron of an anti-bullying charity in the UK hopefully every else drops and and she disappears back to the hole she crawled out of..

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