Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is Orla odd??

Rumors that Orla is odd have been greatly exaggerated. It is a well known fact that TJ is odd but Orla being odd is an entirely different story.

In order to find out the true situation we decided to solicit friends of Orla for their views.

Gerry, one of Orla's oldest friends and manager of the website, had this to say:
"Most definitely, haigh. As odd as two left shoes in a right shoe convention. Now, pass that there yoke haigh"

Damien of fame was slightly more upfront:
"I would have to agree with Gerry. Orla is, and can be, odd except in those mild situations when oddness is not called for such as an odd free day. Maybe there should be a 'Who is the oddest one with the oddest blog award' at the Blog Awards? But TJ is odd".

Lorraine, CEO of UCC's IT and Technology R&D Division, had this to say:
"Go away ya spacer...what are ya like there with your odd talk. She's not odd at all unlike TJ who is odd. Leave her alone, like, she trying to prepare for her wedding. Ye are all spacers"

TJ had this to say.
"I'm not odd. I'm not. Stop saying I'm odd" *storms off in a huff*

I think its fairly official as to the odd situation

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