Thursday, January 11, 2007

Day 24 - Irish Rail - Complete

Day twenty four of waiting for an answer from Irish Rail is over...linky.

Yes indeed, 24 days since I lodged a complaint to Irish Rail customer service. I am also still waiting for a response to my other email sent two days ago to Irish Rail which seems to have been conveniently ignored.

Saw in the paper yesterday a full page ad for Irish Rail stating they are "Europe's fastest growing rail network". This is true for a few reasons:

1) When they replace old track with new track they class that as "new rail" rather than "replacement"
2) No other country in Europe needs to expand its rail network as its already decent. We have an half-arsed service that is extortionate (€61 return, Cork-Dublin, 3.5 hour journey??).

If they carried more passengers than ever before last year, according to a recent report, where is the need to raise prices? Surely the extra passengers cover the costs required. And if they keep "improving" (if they indeed are) then more will use the service and pay for it. But no...over here the idea is that if more people are using it, we can charge more and then make more money. Which makes less people use it, prices go up again and we are back to stupid square one.
When will we ever learn...

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