Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The "Now" culture

This is something that has been seriously pissing me off for some time. Its the "now" culture that we possess and are completely and totally to blame for. Regardless of age, sex, religion, colour, postcode or country there are shitloads of fuckers who want everything NOW !

No waiting, no asking nicely, no realising that sometimes quality takes time.

Take this story for instance.

Lovely lady (LL) running a coffee shop. In the window it states (only related day chosen),

"Opening hours:
Tuesday - 9am - 6pm"

Two fat, oldish American ladies (AL) walk in at 8.50, tables and chairs still to be moved outside and machines in the process of being switched on made ready.

AL: "Can we get two latte's to go?"
LL: "I'm sorry, we open at 9am and I need to get all these tables and chairs outside before then. If you wait until I move these I can get you your coffee's?"
AL: "Thats no good to us. We have a train to catch"

And with that, out the door they went. And good fuckin riddance. See, what part of 'Opening @ 9am' did you not get? Can't you read? Don't you understand that businesses need to get ready? Probably not. Your part of the 'now' culture. No more waiting, no more queues, no more take your time.

I could rant for ages about this 'now' culture but it just makes me angry and I was in a good mood all day after hearing Groove Armada's "I see you baby" song. In it is:

I like I will rant about this at any stage.

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