Monday, July 09, 2007

Driving hints.

From driving into work and from Niall's blog post, here are some top tips for those dipshits on the road.

1) On a dual carriageway (in Ireland), the right-hand lane is called an "overtaking" lane. You should only enter this lane for a) turning right at the next junction (which should be close and not 3 or 4 fuckin miles away, b) you are overtaking. If you must overtake, indicate, move out, overtake and move back in. Do not move out and sit beside the car you are overtaking. Do not just sit in this lane because you are too fuckin thick to move into the left-hand lane.

2) Indicate BEFORE turning - indicators are not to help you turn but rather to advise other drivers of your intention, Indicate early enough to warn the poor fucks behind you.

3) If you have to slow down, use your brake. Don't just lift your foot of the accelerator. The brake lights at the rear of the car are to warn the drivers behind of what you are doing. Also, there is not need to brake on every corner or when a car is passing you on the opposite side of the road.

4) Using your mobile phone in Ireland while driving is illegal. Why the fuck do so many thick fuckers still do it? It causes problems. I saw a guy suddenly brake quite hard, then pick up and answer his mobile. No hands free for him. Cunt.

5) Use your mirrors. They are there to be used and not for checking makeup or for aesthetic purposes. Be aware of who and what is behind and around you.

6) Bicycle's and pedestrians have as much right on the roads as you. Give them space.

7) If you want to drive at 30kmph then do it in a 30kph zone. Not in a 60kmph zone. If you want to drive a fair bit under the speed limit then have the common courtesy to move in and let the vehicles who want to drive close to the speed limit pass. You do not have sole rights on any road.

Roll on the expected abuse...


lynchtp or Mr T said...

Moving over to let someone by is against the rules of the road.

Also advanced driving coursed encourage using the enging to break as it is by far safer for the car and less likely to cause a skid/swerve.

Oh and I do all the listed items.


Joe said...

it is only against the rules of the road on motorways to drive on the hard shoulder

"If a driver wants to allow a vehicle behind them to overtake, they may pull in to the hard shoulder briefly as long as no pedestrians or cyclists are already using it and no junctions or entrances are nearby."

Niall O'Keeffe said...

Couldn't have put it better myself ;)

Niall O'Keeffe said...

Actually, I've added some more bitchiness to my blog about idiotic drivers ;)