Monday, July 30, 2007


On Friday last, Aug 27th, I left Schlumberger Cork as an employee for the last time. I think that leaving anywhere, regardless of the circumstances, can be a very difficult thing to do. I had 5 years and 5 months with SLB and that is not easily brushed under the carpet.

Yes there were bad times but there were also good times and I learned a lot from the 7 managers I had there and also from the project mangers and teamleaders that I worked with. I worked on projects and issues with SLB staff from all levels of the company and to get that type of exposure I thank them.

I also think you couldnt work in a better facility than we had. The location is just outside Cork city, free parking (even if they do insist on reverse parking), free on-site gym, subsidised canteen with top notch food, good social club, free Xmas party and summer BBQ. I think that you can get too spoiled.

And so another era in my life ends. I seem to stay in places for a while as I had almost 4 years in IBM before going to Oz and now nearly 5-and-a-half years in SLB.

What next?


Paul said...

All the best Stevo. Good luck with your new career in hairdressing!

Gerry said...

I thought you were going to dress in drag for caberet and sing all your new dirty lyrics?