Friday, July 20, 2007

Dirty fuckers..

I heard about VHI on the radio and couldn't believe it and then I see it on Damien's blog so it must be true.

Dirty robbin feckers.

I mean, if its not enough for them to make all the Vivas and Bupa/Quinn people pay for another crap service they now want their own customers to pay more. I can imagine the letter:

"Dear Mr/Mrs Fucked-Over,

In honour of you being such a devoted customer of ours over the last few years, we want to reward you by charging more for the same service.

We are sure that you will agree that giving us extra wages is much more important than lowering the cost for you as we have houses, boats and large cars to keep (not forgetting keeping up with the Jones's at number 47 - 4 holidays they had last year the bastards).

Anywho, you can send a donation cheque also to show your gratitude.

your €500k per year manager"


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