Sunday, November 18, 2007

What are the parents responsible for then?

While coming from the city centre earlier this evening, we had four young 'uns on the dart chatting about what they got up to last night. They were all around the 15 / 16 year age group. Last night they all smoked hash and a few of them had poppers on the way out. One of them was telling most of the people in the carriage (as he was talking loud enough) that Marissa wanted to give him 'head' and do him.

Another talked about rolling a few splifs today and sharing them with the others in the group and then was saying he spends about €25 each week on hash. Yup, €25.

When we were walking out of the station in Raheny (they were all off their heads) one of them spat in my wife's hair and another poked her in the back with an umbrella. Luckily for them Nicole didn't tell me about this until they had gone another direction and we were away from them.

If I had seen one of them doing that they, male or female, would have been pinned against a wall and shown in no uncertain terms not to even breath in our direction again. They really wouldn't want to get my temper going and little bastards like that get my blood boiling. And this is where we are really, really, killing our society. I would have been done for assault, probably, (and if one is going to be done for assault you better make it worthwhile) on that little fucker. What they done and the fact they were on, taking, and buying drugs (oh, and they were all drinking last night as well) would be irrelevant. People now-a-days have no manners especially children and teens. They get away with murder and parents do nothing to assist. They see it as the schools responsibility to not only educate, but instil discipline in THEIR kids. None of this education takes place at home and it should.

The problem is that schools cannot properly discipline kids as their discipling functions are removed. When I was at school the teachers used rulers to hit us on our hands. In my 8 years in primary school I'd say I got hit 3 times which is not a bad ratio. The fear of getting hit was sometimes more scary than the actual event. You knew if you got the ruler you did something to deserve it - and we did. It put a sense of discipline in us but also my parents put a lot of effort into manners and how to respect others (no smart comments). Now parents give their kids money and throw them on the streets (note how many hang around shops and mickey d's at all hours day and nights). And if a teacher so much as looks sideways at their child the trouble the teacher will be in is inconceivable. And this is wrong.

We will implode very soon as a society. Lots of the kids we are producing are rude, obnoxious, cheeky, place no value on anything and have no respect for any else. They don't know how to properly interact with people and because they are given money for nothing, they have no idea about work and have little or no work ethic - mummy and daddy will give me money.

When you listen to these radio talk-shows you hear people saying we need ASBO's, or better Policing, or more CCTV cameras, or teachers. No one mentions the parents responsibility in this
and surely as the people who have brought this person into this world, they are the people who should take most responsibility to improve what is happening.

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Serial said...

Fear is not the answer. Fear of the strap is not the reason why I (generally) behaved myself in school.

I guess part of the reason why kids grow up to be cheeky and obnoxious is because many of the role models we produce (from Bratz to Sabrina to Friends) are cheeky and obnoxious.