Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unions - Do we really need them?

This whole bus dispute in Dublin I have to say is really annoying me. I think it is completely uncalled for and is yet again a sign of how many Irish hide behind unions when they can't be arsed working. Yes, I said can't be arsed.

Personally, I think Dublin bus are well within their rights to ask the drivers change in the city centre. If there was no precedent then fair enough but I have been on enough buses in Dublin and seen drivers change in the city centre - so what is so special about those from Harristown?

In order to succeed in any business you must be prepared to experience some level of discomfort at some stage in your company. Its life, get on with it. It happens us all. Unfortunately in Ireland when any company who has a union behind them tries to change something, some idiot decides to call a strike because it might cause them a little discomfort. Of course when they decide to do this its never them nor the union who suffer its ALWAYS the consumer. 60,000 people they reckon are affected in Dublin the last few days.

I wait for the day for another unofficial strike. When these happen I always hope that the idiot who called the strike gets sacked if its found it shouldnt be called. Why should the consumers always suffer yet this idiot keeps their job. So come on union folk do what you are really there for and protect people. If its unofficial and is deemed unwarranted I ask you to make an example of the person who called the strike. It might stop others.

Unions are a great idea. I'm not against them. What I am against are the people running them. These people seem to have a huge chip on their shoulder and just want to show every now and again that they have some power, and do everything they can to annoy as many people as they can. They never see the bigger picture.

The new bus routes are needed in Dublin. They need to be introduced. Dublin Bus have gone through the correct channels to get it ratified. They have deferred these new routes twice but these are needed now. What can't unions move with the times? The fella that was suspended for refusing to work the new routes was rightly suspended. If my company went through the right channels and had to make a change for the right reasons and I refused I'd be given two options - leave or be pushed. That's it. And if this strike ends with these drivers getting more money for the new routes that will be disgusting.

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