Monday, August 27, 2007

Following the launch of not so long ago, some great publicity has been forthcoming over the last few days.

Yesterday, an article appeared in the Sunday Tribune, coutesy of Miss Una Mullally, about the website with comments from the Road Safety Authority's Noel Brett.

Also this morning Niall was on the Ray D'Arcy show on Today FM, with Marty Whelan on 2FM and also on Tipp FM and NewsTalk.

While there are some who will rubbish this site (one person on Ray's show thought that it was a forum for people to record their bad driving and become famous through the site for it - nope, that is what YouTube is for) I think its a great idea.

I always feel that we, the Irish, are shocking at issues like this. When something happens we never feel we can make a difference and wait for someone else. When someone does decide to do something all we do is give out about them and say that they are never happy.

So I say, feck ye bugrudgers and embrace this site. It it makes even 2 people a week think more about their driving habits then its better than none.


Niall O'Keeffe said...

Thanks for the mention Steve... been a hectic day!

Anonymous said...

Car drivers who know the the rules of the road should not park in busstops or on footpaths or on double yellow lines, where they do so the renewal of licence should be linked to part one of the rules.