Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eircom - Can they do anything right?

I have been checking on the Eircom website for weeks now to see if my phone line is suitable for broadband yet.

The answer No. This is following on from more shite from Eircom that I talked about before.

I decided, due to boredom, to check the Eircom website to see about the enabled exchanges. Lo and behold it doesn't show Rushbrooke (my exchange) as being enabled.

So, lets look at this.

1) I had a rep selling a phone package which included broadband and stating that the exchange was enabled and that they had checked my phoneline and it was suitable for broadband.
2) My phoneline is not suitable for broadband as per the Eircom website (last checked today as I write this post)
3) The exchange is not enabled (as checked today as I write this post)

Now, Im not really of a legal mind but surely this must be illegal? Selling packages that customers cannot use? Maybe Damien can advise???

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