Thursday, June 14, 2007


Imagine you are in a job in a company whose future is uncertain. This type of situation carries on for a few years and eventually gets sorted. Things start to calm down. People start to relax more and a good atmosphere starts to be generated. You do not dread going to work as you once did and in fact, even with lots of work to do, you still don't mind it.

Then something changes and everything gets fucked up.

That change occurred in November.

Fuck it.


laurene said...

Wha??? It is in May that I left, not November...ha ha ha ha!
More seriously, what is it? I need a hint...

Gerry said...

I imagine I'd leave. Oh, wait, I did

Steve said...

Gerry. I can imagine you did. Oh no, wait. You actually did. Fecker.