Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pat Kenny, Frontline

I watched the first Pat Kenny 'The Frontline' program last night and it was great to see a program that really listened to people and also allowed them time to talk back with their grievances.

One of the gripes I had with 'Question & Answers' was that it was almost too intellectual and never really allowed people time to speak. Questions were asked, the panel answered, but not enough time was spent on, as Joan Burton would say, the ordinary people.

'The Frontline' allowed people to ask their questions, receive answers and they were given time to respond to the answers they received. It was great to see Pat Farrell and Tom Parlon (a man I have so little time for I'd rather spend the afternoon with Alex Ferguson & Gary Neville) squirm in their chairs. Men who assisted in our current financial state. Men who until last night never had to face up to the facts of their members actions.

I agreed with Fintan O'Toole from the Irish Times when he spoke about the NAMA money going into the wrong places. Why is none of the money going to a fund to help people to KEEP their homes if/when their jobs go? The last thing the country needs at present are more houses on the market and the state paying rent for people. The Government, as a large shareholder in the banks, should be making the banks help people restructure mortgages so they are paying less now. People will spend the money saved if they can, and if not it keeps people in their homes and prevents more looking for rent or assistance from the state. Instead Lenihan will bail the banks at the cost of the people.

Fintan O'Toole also stated we should, as a people, be taking to the streets. Other than ourselves and the British, every other European country would be on the streets at this stage looking for Government removal. Fintan, if you set up the movement - they will follow. We need a movement not associated with any political party and instead a people movement is needed.

The only part on the program that disappointed me was at the very end. When Clara asked Brian Lenihan if the people let go from the banks got a golden-handshake and were still getting their pensions he never answered and wasn't pushed to answer. We deserve an answer and if they were given golden-handshakes (like the outgoing counsellors were) then why? If some are no longer working and still getting paid a pension then why? If they only got the pension part they 'earned' then fair enough.

Finally, Pat just got it slightly wrong with his final point to Brian Lenihan. He said the Minister will be remembered one way or the other:
- The man who saved the banks and saved the economy.
- The man who broke a generation.

I think its more:
- The man who saved the banks and saved the economy.
- The man who broke a few generations.
- The man who saved the banks and forgot about the people.


Bock the Robber said...

You're right. It was a fine programme. Pat Kenny has his good points.

Steve said...

Yup, he's back where he should be - away from light entertainment.