Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kiddie Blog

So, we are due to have a little baby in March next year. It is without a doubt the most exciting and scary time of my life - and that's just thinking about it. What if it becomes a Manure fan (it wont I assure you, but still an adequate fear to have)? What if its totally different to me? How will I cope with less than 8 hours sleep? All questions that have me fretting.

However. if I ever make a website or blog showing endless, mind-numbing pictures of the little tyke you have my permission to put me down.

That is all.

p.s. yyyyiiipppppppppppeeeeeeeee


Mr T said...

Well done fella.
Congrats to you both.

What if they like hurling?

Steve said...

Cheers lad. Will pass on the congrats to the missus.

Hurling is fine, no hassles there. Unless they want to play for Dublin.

Juliet said...


Steve said...

Thanks Juliet