Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beer is your friend

You know it is, go on.

Plug time: Got the beer kit from here and its only magic -


Gerry said...

You started to brew? I've had some good luck with Tree Brewing sets. Some nice beer....ummmm... beer.
No luck with the tin extract ones though, they haven't worked for me yet.
Kits for wine (with extract) tend to work real well if you can get them.
Let me know if you find a good recipe, for now I'm recommeneding IPAs

Steve said...

Yeh. Was using the tin and it was well good. Have two other lads also brewing so never a shortage when we go to each others gafs.

Just have to try a few more tinned ones first to see whats nice before trying actual recipes but defo go for pale ale as real sweet.

Home Brew said...

Hi there, home brewing technique used to be more famous in the past few years. I'm checking out many sites here, so I can get back into the hobby.