Friday, June 12, 2009

Hats off to Irish Rail

In the past, I've been very tough on Irish Rail and I think it was with good cause in most cases. But in the last two weeks I've been to Galway twice and I have to applaud them for a very enjoyable trip each time.

Both trips I've managed to bag Carraige A (supposed to be First Class) but isn't really. The carraiges on these new trains are very comfy and with power points in them it makes laptop usage easy.

However, the real reason for totally applauding them, is their handling of an incident on the train today. A fella sat opposite to me and from the moment he sat down until he was removed from the train he was a bundle of trouble to all the other passengers. But how he was dealt with by the staff was first class and ensured that the other passengers suffered no further. The issue was dealt with very quietly and efficiently.

Hats off Irish Rail and especially to the ticket inspector who was excellent throughout.


Gerry said...

They got to you, didn't they, what was it, drugged you on the train and brain washed you?

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